Unboxing the Grado SR60i Headphones

Unboxing the Grado SR60i Headphones

Grado SR60i unboxed!


During the IMMAP Summit at Rockwell I passed by an audio store at Power Plant called Acoustic Dimension. They had several Grado headphones on display at the window. Like a mermaid’s song calling out to a sailor the cans called to me and I was unable to resist. I went in and asked the attendant some standard questions to check if this guy knew his product and instead of him answering he just said “Sir, just listen to the cans and then make your decision. If I just tell you stuff you’d think I was just focused on selling. Let the product speak for itself.” And it did. In a matter of minutes I was the owner of a brand new Grado SR60i!

Here are some of the unboxing photos as well as initial impressions. Full review to come soon.

Whoever does their retail strategy should seriously look into the packaging. In all honesty if it weren’t from what I’ve read in online forums the Grado SR60i wouldn’t even be in my radar. The packaging of these cans is just abysmal. It comes in a really cheap box with ugly lettering. It’s a good thing though that they decided to cut holes in the box so you can see the outer face of the ear cups.

Okay so the packaging is underwhelming, lol

Unboxing this is pretty straightforward. Lift the top of the box to open and viola! Inside it cushioned with foam is the Grado SR60i. Nothing fancy here. What I do like about this though is that you really do get to focus more on the headphones more than anything else. There are no bells and whistles. It’s as if the product is saying “I’m for serious audiophiles”.

What's inside the box?

In terms of build and design the Grado SR60i has a simple black hard leather headband. The two ear cups are connected to the end and they’re adjustable. The highlight would probably be the ear cups themselves because of the simple, elegant, and straightforward Grado branding at the outer face. For the ear cushion you have foam instead of the closed leatherette type that’s used by a lot of other cans. The Grado SR60i is an open can which means that the noise isolation isn’t great but decent and that there’s a tendency for your music to leak out and you can hear ambient sounds if you’re in very loud and busy places. Personally though I think this is a small price to pay for the outstanding sound quality that you get from these cans. I’ll touch more on this during the full review.

The Grado SR60i!

As for my initial impressions on the actual performance, the Grado SR60i delivers clean, clear, warm, bright, and detailed sound. It’s definitely not as bassy as the ATH-M50 but the clarity of the sound is truly what makes the Grado SR60i shine compared to the other cans in the same price bracket. If you’re into metal (you know the songs with the insane guitar rifts) or acoustic (Eric C.) then you simply have got to give the Grado SR60i a try.

Beautiful XD

The Grado SR60i is available in Acoustic Dimension for a little over Php5,700. I think you can get a discount if you try to haggle. Don’t quote me on that though, haha. 🙂

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