Unboxing the Nationite NaNite N2 Audio Player

Unboxing the Nationite NaNite N2 Audio Player

Box of the Nationite NaNite N2 Audio Player

Unboxing the Nationite NaNite N2 Audio Player

As promised during our initial product feature article, here’s our unboxing post for the Nationite NaNite N2 Audio Player! Packaging is very simple and straightforward. It comes in a clean white cardboard box that has a HTCsh like look and feel. To open just take out the tape at the top and unfold the carton and pop out another box inside. The inner box opens up and you’ll see the Nationite player.

Nationite N2 with Brainwavz B2 (not the one that comes in the box :P)

What’s inside the box?

The box just has three things in it: the Nationite Player, mini-USB cable, and beta Brainwavz earphones. There are no manuals, instructions, or flyers inside. That’s actually one of my problems with this product because operating it isn’t easy at the start. It has a learning curve so it would have been nice if the people who made this included a manual.

A huge bonus though is the beta Brainwavz earphones. I’m not sure if this is M1 or M2 but man these things sound great especially when used with the Nationite N2! This combo alone will make the Php2,950 price tag a steal especially if you’re after good sound quality.

Brainwavz earphones

The Nationite N2

The actual audio player is sleek, shiny, and has several control buttons on it. At the front surface you’ll find the volume, track selection, play/pause (which also functions as on-off), menu, and a display panel. At the left side surface you’ll find the reset button and the lock/unlock. On the other side are the controls for record and A/B (which I still have to figure out). The audio jack and charging port is at the bottom and the micro-SD slot is at the very top.

Back of the Nationite N2

I listened to some tracks on this already using the default Brainwavz earphones that come in the packaging and I was seriously impressed with what I was hearing. This baby blows away iPods and smartphones in the sound department. It may not be as intuitive or flashy but it does a very good job. Audiophiles will definitely appreciate it.

Our full review coming this week.

Nationite NaNite N2 Audio Player is available at Digital Walker in Eastwood with a price tag of Php2,950. Based on our initial impressions alone I can already say that it’s a steal at that price.

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