US Consumer Safety Commission Eyes Other Samsung Phones for Possible Battery Issues

US Consumer Safety Commission Eyes Other Samsung Phones for Possible Battery Issues

Samsung’s battery woes show no sign of letting up yet. More bad news for the tech titan as the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) plans to widen their investigation beyond the Galaxy Note 7 and into the manufacturer’s other devices.

Media outlets have been abuzz with faulty battery incidents lately, and Samsung is usually at the center of these reports. Aside from the Galaxy Note 7, other Samsung phones have been blamed for explosions and fire incidence.

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

Earlier this month, a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime exploded, injuring a boy. The Galaxy S7 has also been subjected to the battery spotlight in two recent incidents. One incident involved a woman’s S7 Edge bursting into flames at a cafe. Another case deals with a burning car blamed on a charging S7 unit.

The CPSC aims to conduct an investigation on the validity of these and other reports. Samsung, for its part, has released this statement on the matter: “Recent reports suggesting Samsung’s battery issue goes beyond the Galaxy Note 7 are not true. The battery cell issue announced earlier this month is isolated to one battery manufacturer for one specific phone model.”

To be fair, Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer with recent reports of battery explosions. Over the years, HTC, LG, and even Apple’s iPhones have had their share of faulty power packs as well, though not on the scale (and media spotlight) as that of Samsung’s latest flub with the Note 7.

Source: Android Authority

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