Viral Fridays: “Selfie Feet” Helps You Take The Perfect Selfie… With Your Feet

Viral Fridays: “Selfie Feet” Helps You Take The Perfect Selfie… With Your Feet

Welcome to Unbox’s “Viral Fridays” where we feature weirder than usual tech and geek related news to cap out the week.


If you’re crazy about taking selfies, then perhaps this recently-launched Kickstarter project might pique your interest. It’s called the “Selfie Feet” and it helps you take selfies… using your feet. Well, your feet and a remote control, anyway.

Selfie Feet is basically a wearable that you attach to your shoe with an elastic band. You secure your cellphone on top through the accessory’s built-in magnet and activate it via a Bluetooth remote. Sounds simple enough, sure.


But why? Why would you create such a thing? Money, of course. Also, here’s a Q&A portion from the dude’s Kickstarter page:

I developed it because I wanted to be hands-free when I take a selfie. Also, I don’t want to carry around a selfie stick. So sticking a smartphone on my foot was an obvious solution. Of course, you can attach the Selfie Feet to stuff, like a bottle, a drinks can, or any magnetic metal surface.

Q: Why do you say that the selfie stick era is over?

Because it’s inconvenient and it’s just not cool. Just ask yourself: “What do I look like with a selfie stick wafting around like some giant Harry Potter wand?” Is it cool? No, it’s not!

Q: What advantages does Selfie Feet offer over the selfie stick?

It’s young, fun and cool. And also many places have now banned selfie sticks like restaurants, bars, and museums. They are annoying for other people and definitely not good if you value your eyes. How many people have been so absorbed that they didn’t notice a flight of steps before it’s too late?

Q: How have people reacted to your gadget?

First, they laugh, then they think, and then they are desperate to buy one. It’s a fun thing because it’s different. Try it with your friends and you’ll get the bug.


The cheapest Kickstarter pledge to get a Selfie Feet will set you back around $25. Of course, since it’s still in the crowdfunding phase, it’ll be a while until it sees the light of day. Until then, selfie-addicts will have to rely on their good-ol’ selfie sticks.

Source: Kickstarter

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