Would You Buy A Nexus Made By Huawei?

by John Nieves  March 8, 2015


The Chinese firm may be working on the next Nexus

After all the craziness of MWC, it seems that one bit of news that managed to slip through the cracks is the persistent rumor that Google might be partnering with a new OEM to create a new Nexus 5. While that’s nothing new (Google partners with OEMs all the time) the new OEM is pegged to be from China. Specifically, the rumors point to Huawei as being the next hardware OEM of Google for the next Nexus 5.

It makes sense – China is an absolutely huge market for Google, and by tapping a Chinese OEM, the company is poised to make huge inroads into a market that they’re so desperate to get into. While China is overwhelmingly pro-Android, the app marketplace (where Google gets a fair share of revenue from) isn’t just Google Play – multiple Android marketplaces exists in China, which all compete with Google for ad revenue.

A partnership with Huawei may also mean a cheaper Nexus, which wasn’t the case with the previous crop of devices. Huawei’s already shown a knack of making top-notch hardware for very little money – something that fits well with Google’s Nexus program.

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    why not? huawei actually makes great phones as what we can see on their recent offerings.

    their latest home brewed SoC is not a pushover as well.

    As long as it stays on the Nexus 5 pricing, I’d definitely consider getting it.

    NO. I’ve had very bad experiences with nexus, and since they weren’t officially released in the PH, i couldn’t get anyone to fix it properly.