Here’s Why You Should Avoid Buying Grey Market Xiaomi Products

by Duey Guison  February 3, 2021

There’s no denying that Xiaomi products are so popular in the Philippines. In fact, some resort to purchasing through grey market (read: not official) Xiaomi sellers since not all products are sold in the Philippines. In a bid to block the grey market, Xiaomi recently confirmed that the Chinese version of MIUI 12.5 will block users from installing Google services on Xiaomi phones with a China ROM.

While this does not sound surprising, the recent move means that you cannot install Google services if you choose to go the grey market route and purchase Xiaomi phones that are not officially sold in the Philippines. As of this writing, the new policy has affected the Redmi K30 Ultra and Redmi 10X 5G.

In a statement, Xiaomi said that they are doing this for compliance reasons–Google services is banned in China, so it is just natural that phones with China ROM should not be sideloaded with any Google apps or risk possibly bricking their phone in the process.

Those with Xiaomi phones using a Global ROM need not worry: unlike Huawei phones that currently do not have Google services because of the US Trade Ban, Global (and official) Xiaomi phones will still have access to Google services.

Should you plan to purchase Xiaomi products, make sure you buy them through Authorized Xiaomi stores and Xiaomi Philippines’ official Lazmall shop.

Aside from not being able to install Google services, buying grey market Xiaomi products can run you into other problems like LTE compatibility and aftersales support.

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    mas madiming bumili ng xiaomi tablets with chino rom in lazada and shopee. mas mura kasi. kaso un nga me problema sa software. i humbly suggest paki feature un mga bogus schemes ng lazada and shopee sellers. some involve employees of lazada and shopee in these schemes. thank you.

    Why would anyone even consider buying a Chicom product? Is a low price your motivation for supporting a regime that violates basic human rights? The Communist Chinese Party has locked up over one million Uighur Muslims in internment camps and uses them as slave labor. And yes, some are being forced to work in factories that produce cell phone components. You will spend more for a phone made in South Korea, Japan, or Taiwan, but freedom always will have a cost.

    You should bring your cause to the united nations, mr social justice warrior. We are talking about gray market sellers, not your grievances with the china regime. Why not go to the mountains while you’re at this?

    I bought a xiaomi tablet from michael rivo in baclaran, who is a known xiaomi gray market seller, they installed google at the store, since it had china rom, 7 days warranty only. After 7 days of course it started to have problems, they wouldn’t help. This is why gray market sellers should be banned. Good move Xiaomi.