Xiaomi Demos Third-Generation Under-Display Camera Solution

This version is ready for production

While ZTE beats Xiaomi to the punch as it is slated to launch the first phone with an under-display camera, Xiaomi is taking its time to make sure the tech is ready for mass production. A third generation of the tech it initially demonstrated last year, Xiaomi said that this current version is the most refined to date, and is expected to be used on a broad range of phones.

As proof that Xiaomi’s solution is ready, a company VP shared a Mi 10 Ultra using a display with an under-display camera. In a separate post, Xiaomi further explains how this third-generation under-display camera is refined. One of its solutions is for the panel to double the number of pixel over the small circle so that you get the same pixel density and color accuracy

.To achieve this, the panel borrows colors from the neighboring pixels, which can go black on-demand, especially when the camera is on.

As a result, the camera receives more light compared to previous iterations, resulting in better-looking selfies with minimal glare. With the tech looking refined already, Xiaomi is expected to implement it on its phones next year, presumably starting with the Mi 11.

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  1. Although the tech is very much welcome, nobody asked for this am sure. We still happy with what we have right now.

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