Xiaomi Intros their Smart Shoes

Xiaomi Intros their Smart Shoes

Chinese brand, Xiaomi, may be known for their affordable smartphones but they do have an array of different products that range anywhere from TVs, drones, and electric scooters. Heck! They even have air purifiers! They’ve also delved into the world of fitness tracking wearables with their Mi Band but, today, the internet is getting a taste of their newest product, a smart shoe.

Named the “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” (Yes, that is its official name after we’ve checked around in different sites), Xiaomi’s smart shoe tracks your movement and sends you a report of your progress at the end of the day. The Chinese brand has partnered up with Intel on this project and the shoe has a Curie Module at its core. Despite the name, our source says that the 90 minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear (We really wish it had a shorter name than that), has a battery that reportedly last for 60 days.

This, of course, has to function as a running shoe first and foremost, so Xiaomi has made them quite fashionable and has added features like: anti-skid soles, air cushions to keep you comfy on your run, and anti-bacterial insoles as well. Xiaomi’s smart shoe is available in a variety of colors, including: Black and Surf Blue for Men, then you’ve got Black and Pink for Women. There’s also a Blue special edition variant of the shoe that is said to glow in the dark to help you keep safe when going for a run at night or initially just creep someone the hell out too.

The “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” should be available by April and is priced at 300 CNY or Php 2,183.


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