Xiaomi Mitu DIY Robot Unboxing, Initial Review: Fun, DIY Toy For Kids

Xiaomi Mitu DIY Robot Unboxing, Initial Review: Fun, DIY Toy For Kids

Teach your kids programming early

By now we know that Xiaomi sells all manner of weird items that’s not necessarily phones, but did you know that the company also sells Lego-like robotic toys? Yup, that’s the idea behind the Mitu Builder, another one of Xiaomi’s off-beat product offerings that you can buy from Gearbest.

Let’s take a look at the packaging, shall we?

There’s actually two versions of the Mitu DIY robot available to buy. One is a smaller, less complex variant that has around 300 pieces and the other is a larger, more complex variant that has 978 and more parts inside.

In the smaller Mitu toy, you’ll find three main blocks that’s instrumental in any build: a battery holder, a power coupler that sends current to other motors and one that’s motorized.

Much like Lego Technic parts, the Mitu pieces are in individual plastic baggies though we couldn’t find an instruction manual in the package to put things together.

The other variant of the Mitu DIY robot is much, much bigger. Once you open the box, you’ll see the central core with its STM32-based CPU, as well as two large motors. The central core uses USB Type-C connections to charge and connect to the motors included in the package.

Once you take the core and the motors out, you’ll be slightly overwhelmed by the 978 pieces that you’ll have to put together to make the robot. Thankfully there’s a sealed instruction manual that guides you through the build that’s easy to follow.

Despite the differences in the two toys, both of them use Xiaomi’s Mitu builder app to function. Each toy has its own QR code included in the packaging that allows you to connect it to your phone and through the app via Bluetooth, though obviously their functions are a little different.

The more affordable of the two toys has its instruction manual inside the Mitu App, which you access by scanning the QR code included in the quick-start guide.

The bigger toy has a very detailed instruction manual, reminiscent of the one included in Lego toys. In fact, the pieces in the Mitu robots look good enough to be used in conjunction with regular Lego technic blocks, adding to the toy’s flexibility.

We’ve only begun to put the Mitu together, and with 970 parts for the bigger one, it may take a while before we finish. We’ll give you a better review of the two toys when we put them together a few days from now.

If you’re interested in buying either of the DIY toys, you can head on to Gearbest who have both, with the smaller one going for $46.99 (Php 2429, use the coupon code MituS) and the bigger one going for $93.99 (Php 4790, use the coupon code HNYear170).

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