Xiaomi Rumored To Be Working On A Foldable Phone

by John Nieves  January 4, 2019

We’re hoping it comes with a great price tag

Foldable phones will finally become a reality this year thanks to the numerous leaks that all point to that eventuality, with Samsung and Huawei cooking up their own take on the tech.

Xiaomi is reportedly making their own folding phone, at least, according to reputable leaker Evan Blass. He shared a video of the alleged phone working, folding its two side panels to the side and running a version of MIUI.

While Xiaomi is known to release affordable, high-spec phones, the company is no stranger to trying new things for the sake of innovation. Their first generation Mi Mix smartphone was groundbreaking when it was announced and released, prompting many other companies to launch their own take on a big-screen, small bezel phone.

We’re excited to see just how this particular phone works in practice, as there certainly will be a few ergonomic issues that will crop up with such a design.

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