XMAGE is the New Imaging Brand of Huawei Post-Leica

XMAGE is the New Imaging Brand of Huawei Post-Leica

As it has been confirmed that the P50 series will be the last Huawei phones to be co-engineered with Leica, Huawei has announced its new in-house imaging brand with XMAGE. The new brand will work together with Huawei’s NEXT IMAGE to continue the brand’s forte in mobile photography.

Huawei said during its announcement that XMAGE will be first used on an upcoming flagship smartphone, which points us to the Mate 50 series being the first phones to use XMAGE branding.


Huawei also emphasized that XMAGE revolves around three things: technological innovation, shooting experience, and imaging culture.

Some of the key aspects of XMAGE include a camera system that’s designed to capture more light while preserving detail, XD Fusion Pro for accurate color reproduction, and Huawei’s expertise in AI photography and real-time HDR.

As for the camera system, Huawei reiterated that it is the leader in implementing multi-camera systems, periscope cameras, and free-form lenses on smartphones, along with the RYYB sensor.

Considering all the innovations that Huawei has introduced during its 6-year partnership with Leica, it’s interesting to see how the tech giant will move forward with its XMAGE imaging branding–and how it intends to implement it on the upcoming Mate 50 series.

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