YouTube Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

YouTube Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

A much-needed addition to the portable console

After being in the rumor mill for a while, Nintendo is finally introducing YouTube to the Nintendo Switch. Downloadable via Nintendo’s eShop, the YouTube app is one of the few non-game apps you can install on the Switch. Prior to YouTube, Switch users only have Hulu as their option if they want to consume video content on their portable gaming consoles.

For those who have tried the app, YouTube for Switch’s UI is similar to dedicated YouTube apps on Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes. In addition, the native Switch app has support for 360-degree videos, along with partial touchscreen support—according to The Verge, while you can tap to select videos to watch, you can’t swipe up and down to navigate. We think that this might be a bug that Google will address in the future.

With this development, there’s hope that the Switch will be more than a gaming device. Who knows, you might be able to watch your favorite Netflix shows on your Switch.




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