How to Apply for GFiber Prepaid

How to Apply for GFiber Prepaid

Globe’s GFiber Prepaid has been the talk of the town lately after announcing a 9999 Annual data package that give you a year’s worth of unlimited data. Aside from the unique prepaid offering, Globe also claims that applying for GFiber is easy through their website.

We tried to apply for GFiber Prepaid, so let’s walk you through on what you need to provide.

How to Apply for GFiber Prepaid

The site is currently in beta, so the application process can be slow at times since GFiber will have to verify first if your area is covered by their services.

  • Fill in your address to check if your area is covered. This part took us around 2 minutes, and it will vary depending on your area if you’re covered.
  • Select available GFiber Prepaid Package. Once you make it through this part, you can choose what package you can avail. As of writing this how-to, only the Php 1499 package is available–the Php 9999 annual package is expected to be available in the coming weeks.
  • Create your GFiber account. Before proceeding to filling out your application form, GFiber will prompt you to create an account. You will need your phone number and a nominated PIN for the account creation, along with an OTP to verify the phone number you plan to register.

  • Fill out Personal Information. After creating an account, you will be prompted to fill up your personal information and installation details. Globe gathers the information that’s associated with your number based on SIM registration, so the only remaining items that you will need to fill out are gender and your mother’s maiden name.

  • Check if your application has been processed. While our area is covered by GFiber, we received a notification that all slots are filled up. This means that your application is still with them–Globe will notify you at a later date once they can accommodate your application.

  • Choose your installation schedule. If you’re lucky, you will reach this page where you will choose your installation date and time. For the latter, the choices are only morning and afternoon–there are no specifics when it comes to time.
  • Settle payment. Once everything is clear, you will be brought to the payment page. Currently, GFiber Prepaid only accepts GCash as mode of payment, so you will need a GCash account to settle your monthly (or yearly) payments. Do note that the site is currently in Beta, so Globe may update the site to accommodate credit and debit card payments in the future.
  • Wait for your scheduled installation date. After completing your payment, all you need to do is wait for your scheduled date to have your GFiber prepaid internet installed.

That summarizes our tutorial on how you can apply for a GFiber Prepaid account conveniently. Do you have other questions or clarifications? Let us know!

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