Bullet-proof 2022 GAC GS8 Is Coming to the Philippines

Bullet-proof 2022 GAC GS8 Is Coming to the Philippines

A photo of a GS8

GAC Motor Philippines will be launching 3 new vehicle editions in the country. Among them is the 2022 bullet-proof GAC GS8 SUV.

Bulletproof 2022 GAC GS8 Is Coming to the PhilippinesWith the new bullet-proof GS8 SUV,  customers will no longer need to take the extra mile of armoring their brand-new vehicles. GAC GS8 will come bulletproof straight out of the factory.

The flagship SUV will come factory fitted with ballistic protection against firearms and explosives. The exact details about the armoring are yet to be revealed but the GS8 will most likely come with bulletproof windows and doors. If this vehicle comes equipped with the usual B6 ballistic protection level, then it is also capable of stopping large-caliber rounds from weapons like the AK-47 (7.62mm) and AR-15 (5.56mm) as well as fragmentation grenades.

As an armored vehicle, the bullet-proof GS8 will weigh a lot heavier. Hence, it will have a different engine according to a report.  The current 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine that’s capable of 201 PS and 320 Nm of torque is certainly deficient for a bulletproof vehicle. This is why GAC will have to put a bigger engine or tune the current 2L engine for more power. 

Moreover, bulletproof vehicles do not only need a powerful engine due to their weight, they also require powerful brakes and stiffer suspensions. So, we can expect the bullet-proof GS8 to come with an upgraded under-chassis and brakes to accommodate its class.

GAC will reveal more details about the bulletproof 2022 GS8 SUV soon. According to the same report however, GAC will launch the model before the end of 2021. This car will be delivered just in time before the upcoming 2022 election. 

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