Autosweep to Combine Easytrip in One RFID Sticker

Autosweep to Combine Easytrip in One RFID Sticker

Good news for motorists! You can soon travel the north and south expressways with just one RFID sticker—Autosweep.

Easytrip to Combine Autosweep in One Sticker

Starting January 15 next year, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) Infrastructure has announced that EasyTrip users that travel the north expressways NLEX, SCTEX, CALAX, CAVITEX, and C5 Link will be able to access expressways in the south: SLEX, MCX, SCTEX, NAIAX, STAR Tollway, Skyway, and TPLEX using the Autosweep RFID alone. 

Before you get all excited, SMC Infrastructure has clarified that only motorists with the latest “Neology” EasyTrip RFID will be able to register with Autosweep. This is because this sticker is the only one that the Autosweep system can read and process. So, before running to the nearest Autosweep kiosk, it would be smart to have your RFID checked first if your Easytrip sticker is compatible with the system. 

This means those who plan to enroll will have their RFIDs checked by AutoSweep personnel first to see if their EasyTrip sticker is compatible. As to whether the load from an EasyTrip account can be used for AutoSweep, the company said that each RFID will still have its own wallets – meaning one will still have to load each account separately when using either system.

Do note that you should still keep both RFID wallets with enough load for travel. This is because even if you will only be needing one sticker, each RFID will still have separate wallets and balances. Autosweep has stated that tollways under the SMC Infrastructure will not accept your Easytrip balance.

For interested motorists, feel free to check out and download the application form that you’ll be needing to apply. You will also be needing a copy of one government-issued or company-issued valid ID. Be sure to bring the vehicle with your Easytrip RFID to the Autosweep kiosk of your choice.

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