Capcom and Niantic Announce AR Game Monster Hunter Now

Capcom and Niantic Announce AR Game Monster Hunter Now

After making its name several years ago with Pokemon Go, Niantic is back with a new augmented reality game–this time partnering with Capcom for Monster Hunter Now.

Bringing in its expertise in augmented reality gaming, Niantic aims to make the game similar to Pokemon Go–where you explore the real world with the goal of hunting monsters. “We’ve worked very closely with Capcom to create an experience that honors the incredible legacy of Monster Hunter,” Niantic CEO John Hanke said.

Details remain scant for the meantime, but reports say that the game will utilize similar elements that the Monster Hunter franchise is best known for. In a nutshell, players hunt monsters to get different materials that can use to craft better weapons and armor–in order to hunt more powerful monsters.

Being a social mobile game, Niantic said that battles will last up to 75 seconds and that like the console version of the game, you will be able to do co-op hunting with your friends. Players can also tag monsters by hitting them with a paintball so that they can battle them at home or in another location.

Based on the screenshots Niantic shared, there are elements that remind us of Pokemon Go, so if you have played Niantic’s earlier runaway hits, you will more or less be familiar with playing their AR-themed spin for Monster Hunter. 

The closed beta will open on April 25, and those interested can sign up to gain access here. Monster Hunter Now is expected to go live on September 2023.

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