Converge Launches Premium XCLSV Service

Converge Launches Premium XCLSV Service

Converge is now offering a new, premium service for subscribers dubbed XCLSV (pronounced exclusive). The premium service will give additional perks as well as personalized customer support that is not available for subscribers not part of the program.

The company has put together a dedicated XCLSV team for the new initiative that’ll take care of support issues of customers that are part of the program.

“XCLSV was created for our high-value subscribers, so they no longer have to worry about internet concerns, and instead have more time to enjoy and make the most out of their lives,” said Converge Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. Romero. “These exclusive privileges and more hands-on customer service enable members to allot more time to focus on what matters most to them, while our team handles the rest.”

XCLSV members get to enjoy quick responses from customer service teams which include service team deployments to homes within the day of reporting if possible, fast pass/priority lane access if a customer has to visit Converge business centers as well as personalized support from customer care representatives which include a direct telephone hotline to them as well as email contact.

Converge subscribers from Plan 3500 up are automatically included in the XCLSV program, with the first batch present during Converge’s official announcement of the new initiative.


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