Here’s why MediaTek Made a Chip Dedicated to Foldable Devices

Here’s why MediaTek Made a Chip Dedicated to Foldable Devices

One of the latest chips that MediaTek announced is the Dimensity 7300 series. What makes it unique is that there’s a specific version that’s made for foldable devices with the Dimensity 7300X. This begs us the question: why is there a need for a dedicated processor for foldables?


We asked this during the MediaTek virtual coffee roundtable today (June 20), and Vice President Finbarr Moynihan explained that they want to offer the Dimensity 7300X as an affordable alternative for brands to use with their foldable devices to create a market for mid-range foldables. Moynihan also noted that the current market for foldables is mostly in the flagship segment, and they hope that the Dimensity 7300X can pave for truly affordable foldable devices that don’t compromise on performance.

Moynihan also acknowledged the growing market for foldables, which is a perfect opportunity for them to design a chip that’s made for the said form factor.

TECNO’s Phantom V Flip is currently the most affordable foldable phone in the Philippines at Php 25k.


As for the optimizations made, MediaTek made adjustments to the display drivers–since foldables deal with multiple displays in different sizes and aspect ratios, the Dimensity 7300X has the specific tweaks to help foldables have a seamless transition switching between the cover display and inner display. 

MediaTek did not disclose which phones will be using the Dimensity 7300X later this year but told us to expect more affordable foldable devices coming soon.

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