Duterte Wants Faster Internet In PH, Will Open Market To Foreign Players If Needed


He’s not afraid of ruffling a few feathers to get what he wants

Incoming PH president Rodrigo Duterte is looking to improve the PH’s internet speed, currently one of the lowest in Asia, when he takes office in June.

Duterte, speaking to GMA News Online, said he’s planning to deal a blow to cartels in both the energy and telecommunications. For telcos, Duterte said he would hammer out a policy to improve the country’s internet speed. If the two telcos fail to comply or if internet speeds are still slow, Duterte said that he would open the industy to foreign competition.

His desire to end the bad services of telcos has been one of his talking points during his recently concluded campaign, and has often threatened to open up the local market to other firms if they do not fix their services.

“My god, gumastos na kayo para matalo ako,” he said. “P——–, papasukin ko lahat. Papasukin ko lahat — Amerikano, Chinese… kung hindi sila magimprove.”


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