Epson and WWF Philippines Hold Urban Gardening Workshop

Epson and WWF Philippines Hold Urban Gardening Workshop

Epson and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines continue to promote sustainability and environmental protection initiatives by conducting an urban gardening workshop for its employees. The workshop was facilitated by WWF-Philippines Sustainable Food Systems Project Manager Monci Hinay and aims to educate participants on urban gardening and sustainable food systems, highlighting the benefits for urban spaces.

The urban gardening workshop provided Epson employees with valuable insights into the practice, including suitable crops for different seasons and essential steps such as site selection, seed sowing, seedling care, container selection, transplanting, water fertilizer, and pest control. Participants also learned about natural pest control methods and companion planting.

Urban gardening addresses food security and household waste management, utilizing portable and modular planters in areas where traditional agricultural spaces are not available, such as cities and urban centers. This approach allows the cultivation of crops in compact areas and vertical structures, similar to hydroponics but at a more affordable cost. It also contributes to combating plastic pollution by repurposing waste products like old plastic bottles into miniature planters.

“We hope more people start to practice urban gardening and pass these methods forward so that we, as a community, can begin to address these growing issues surrounding food and food security,” Hinay said

While the urban gardening workshop was a significant step, Epson and WWF Philippines aim to launch more eco-initiatives to educate and inspire individuals to embrace sustainability and become stewards of the environment.

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