Improve House Security With The Cherry Home Smart Outdoor Camera

Improve House Security With The Cherry Home Smart Outdoor Camera

While the brand is known for some appliances that improve overall quality of life, this Cherry Home Smart Outdoor Camera was developed for those with the desire to protect their household.

This Cherry Home Smart Outdoor Camera has a reasonably wide field of vision with 310 degrees of Pan and 140 degrees of Tilt. That means suspicious characters will find it extremely difficult to circumvent its view without being spotted on camera. Any subtle movements will be targeted by the Auto-Tracking feature, which is extremely useful in low-lit scenarios. Speaking of night, its 3-megapixel camera is aided by night vision to allow viewers to find any unwanted guests even in extreme darkness. Two-way audio also assists in capturing even the subtlest of creaks on wooden panels or rustles in your garden plants.

Much like a dash cam, this has support for micro SD cards and can even save to the cloud should you need more space. It connects to WiFi via a 2.4GHz wireless connection so you can rest assured that cloud saves are reliable (depending on your internet itself, of course). If installation difficulty is important to you, then know that this is a hassle-free process.

Get it now on Shopee or visit the Cherry Home official website.

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