LTO Permanently Revokes License Of Driver In Viral Video

LTO Permanently Revokes License Of Driver In Viral Video

Unless you live under a rock, then you would have seen the video that made its rounds on social media last week. This clip, recorded from a citizen’s dashcam in front of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong, showed a traffic officer helplessly beneath a white Toyota RAV4. After the driver of the vehicle collided with the officer, he proceeded to step on the accelerator which elevated the vehicle’s wheels over the man’s midsection. This viral video sparked public outrage – and LTO has now made an announcement.

Based on the findings of their investigation, this isn’t the driver’s first rodeo. The driver, Jose Antonio Sanvicente, had faced reckless driving violations three times in the past. We can assume that none of them were to this extent or were publicized in this manner. The Intelligence and Investigation Division issued a Show Cause Order on June 6 to which the suspect’s father confirmed that his son was in the vehicle’s driver’s seat at the time of the incident.

However, the driver nor his representative showed up for the order. A second order was also ignored. The LTO has concluded the investigation of this viral video by concluding that Mr. Jose Antonio Sanvicente is liable for reckless driving and in clear violation of Section 55 (RA 4136) which mandates that motorists must stop in the case of an accident.

During the timeline of this decision-making process, Mr. Sanvictores’ license was placed under a 90-day suspension and his vehicle was placed under alarm. However, the LTO has now decided to revoke his license completely and ban him from ever securing a license and operating a motor vehicle.

Fortunately, the officer was brought to a hospital after the incident and survived.

Whether this will close this entire case will be up to the folks at the Philippine National Police (PNP). Regardless, we’ll keep you updated on any movements.




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