LTO to Shorten Exams for Driver’s License Application

LTO to Shorten Exams for Driver’s License Application

Jose Arturo Tugade is New LTO Chief

Aside from implementing a maximum prescribed rate for theoretical and practical driving lessons–and even offering FREE courses to student drivers, the LTO is also looking at ways to shorten and simplify the exams for driver’s license applicants as well.

LTO chief Jay Arthur Tugade said in a statement yesterday (May 5) that he formed a committee to review the questions in the exam and to condense the coverage. Tugade adds that he is looking to shorten and simplify the exams for driver’s license applicants to avoid reliance on fixers.

“The instruction I gave to our committee was to compress the exam. This exam reportedly takes about two hours. The agency is now studying how to shorten the exam. I believe that by reducing the exam duration, our applicants will not seek out fixers and will opt to take the exam themselves,”  Tugade said in a statement.

Among the exams that the LTO wants to shorten and simplify include for obtaining a new non-professional license, a conductor’s license, changing classification from non-professional to professional, and adding a driver’s license code.

Aside from plans to shorten the exams that applicants will take, the LTO adds that they are also considering customizing the questions based on the license classification or driver’s license code that the applicant is applying for.

Other plans that Tugade and the LTO are working on include a revamped method of applying for a driver’s license, online payments of all LTO-related transactions, and renewal of private motor vehicles through the LTMS portal.

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