OnePlus to Drop “Pro” Branding Starting with 11 Series

OnePlus to Drop “Pro” Branding Starting with 11 Series

In its usual context, the “Pro” label in any gadget indicates maximum specifications or a top-of-the-line model. For OnePlus, there is no more need for a “Pro” variant.

According to reports, OnePlus is planning to drop the “Pro” from its next flagship series, hence its upcoming top-variant phone will be called just OnePlus 11.

Moreover, according to the same source, we can assume that OnePlus is also looking into the option of streamlining its flagship series as a whole. Meaning, the core flagship series will get no more than two models in the first half of the year with a potential “T” upgrade in the second half.

OnePlus Drops Pro Models

OnePlus appears to be reversing the usual trend. Usually, firms offer at least a couple of flagship variations to cater more markets. Interestingly, this actually seems like a brilliant move as the vanilla alternatives have been mostly ignored since the OnePlus 8 series.

Few months ago, we reported that OnePlus is officially arriving in the Philippines as announced by the brand. While OnePlus has had a presence in the Philippines via retailer Digital Walker, the biggest difference here is that the brand will have a physical office in the country, as well as a more robust service and support system, and will have marketing efforts tailor-made to Filipino tastes.

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