Packworks Utilizes AI to Aid Sari-Sari Store Operations

Packworks Utilizes AI to Aid Sari-Sari Store Operations

With AI having unlimited potential in helping businesses at this point, local startup Packworks is making use of AI to aid sari-sari stores with their day-to-day operations. In the case of Packworks, they are using time series forecasting to capitalize on the company’s large and robust data on sari-sari store transactions to analyze and predict future trends in grassroots sales volumes across different locations in the country.

With help from AI, Packworks can make predictions across all product categories sold in over 200,000 sari-sari stores nationwide and can run up to 5 years of daily transaction data to better identify predictions and market trends. All of the information Packworks tracks are based on sari-sari stores that use the Sari.PH Pro application–an app that provides owners access to pricing tools, inventory management, sales and revenue tracking, and working capital loans.

Through these innovations, Packworks aims to provide sari-sari stores with valuable insights to help them with their inventory planning process. Packworks’ insights can also help sari-sari store owners to have a better understanding of consumers’ preferences and purchasing patterns so that they can have optimized product assortments, reduced stockouts, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profitability for the stores.

“With access to Packworks’ extensive and reliable dataset of sari-sari store transactions, we hope to equip our saripreneurs with the means to optimize their operations and drive growth in the highly competitive retail market,” Packworks Advanced Analytics and Insights Manager Arch Tesorero said.

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