Is the Philippines Still Behind when it Comes to Internet Speeds?

Is the Philippines Still Behind when it Comes to Internet Speeds?

The Internet has become a fixture in our daily lives. We use it to get connected with loved ones, get our entertainment, and even do our work. Several years have passed since we were ranked the second slowest in Asia, and we wonder: Is the Philippines still behind when it comes to Internet speeds?

In 2015, the Philippines was recognized as having the second slowest household Internet in Asia, just ahead of Afghanistan. A decade had passed, including years we had with the pandemic which surprisingly got more individuals and businesses aboard the Internet as we all worked and studied from home.

So I went to look for an answer to this question – is our Internet speed still behind other countries?

Here’s how the Philippines fared when we compiled yearly Ookla Speed Tests for the past ten years:

In Ookla’s January 2024 Speed Global Index, we are now 51st worldwide in fixed broadband Internet rankings with a whopping 93.31Mbps, a whopping 2,492% increase from the measly 3.6Mbps median speed we got a decade ago. Here’s how we compare to other SEA countries now:

Our mobile internet, however, has a long way to go with a 28Mbps median and ranks 87th worldwide, beating other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Nepal, and Pakistan.


Prices for connections are more affordable, too, compared to a decade ago. In 2014, PHP 2,500 can only give you an 8Mbps DSL connection. Fast forward to today, you can get a 600Mbps fiber broadband plan at the same price point. 

This shows that improved technologies and wider rollouts, along with new players that continuously shake up the competition, some government help to ease processes, and a little follow-through can make a big difference in improving our local connections. We hope telcos don’t stop at just this and continue to strive to get all Filipinos online faster and cheaper.

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