Protect Your Business 24/7 With These Cherry Home Smart Cameras

Protect Your Business 24/7 With These Cherry Home Smart Cameras

A new memorandum Circular 2022-060 issued by the DILG mandates businesses to be equipped with better CCTV systems as a prerequisite to the issuance of business permits. This fact holds especially true for those located in prime areas where crimes are abundant. This move not only aids these businesses specifically but also the general vicinity – leading to a much safer community. Business owners don’t need to worry though, as Cherry Home Smart Cameras are value-packed pieces of tech that go above and beyond the requirement with usable recording quality at any time, date, or place. Here are some options a responsible business owner could consider:

Cherry Home Smart Outdoor Camera

As the outdoor option among the Cherry Home Smart Cameras, you can rely on this option to specialize in any condition, rain or shine. Its 3-megapixel camera activates night vision when the sun goes down, scaring away prospective baddies who think that the darkness is their friend. Intelligent auto-tracking also monitors movements within the camera’s wide 310-degree Pan angle and 140-degree Tilt angle. It also supports 24/7 recording that can be saved directly to an installed SD card.

It’s available now for a price of PHP 1,620.

Cherry Home Smart Battery Camera

This option is for those who always experience power outages or have no consistent form of electricity. It is equipped with a 9000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can wirelessly operate with no external wiring solutions. It is also capable of shooting 1080p Full HD video for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A built-in microphone and speaker do well to capture audio or even to output these in times of distress – specifically when the alarm is triggered by suspicious movements. With a magnetic and non-magnetic easy mounting feature, there is no need for professionals to get themselves in the installation process since you can do it yourself.

It’s available now for a price of PHP 3,999.

Cherry Home Smart Bullet Camera

The final option in this trio of Cherry Home Smart Cameras, this one is also built to survive a variety of conditions. It has IP65 certification to prove it, which means it can withstand not only splashes but water pressure and other non-corrosive liquids as well. Distance is the name of the game here with wireless transmission of up to 100 meters and motion detection of up to 10 meters, even in the dark. It also records at 1080p Full HD resolution at 15 FPS. 3D Digital Noise Reduction does its best to remove any unwanted noises, giving you the sounds you want to hear.

It’s available now for a price of PHP 2,490.

Any one of these Cherry Home Smart Cameras can be controlled via the Cherry Home app, which is easy to download and install on any device you may have. Get one now!

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