Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta Reveals… Familiar Lock Screen Customization

Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta Reveals… Familiar Lock Screen Customization

It’s the dawn of a new software age for the world’s top smartphones, as both iOS and One UI receive significant updates. Apple launched the first attack with iOS 16 and its full array of new features, and Samsung is aiming to fire back with One UI 5.0 which is now in its beta stage. However, one thing is noticeable: the Samsung lock screen customization features feel a little bit too familiar. People are now pointing fingers at who copied who, but what’s the full story?

Multiple users have gone to Twitter and YouTube comments sections to crack jokes that Samsung has gone all out to copy iOS 16 and its latest lock screen features. As some of us may know, new features were added to the iOS lock screen including holding to customize the dials, watch faces, fonts, and various other components.

To a certain extent, it’s understandable why this has happened. After all, Samsung has brought deeper lock screen customization natively to One UI instead of passing it through their official Good Lock app this time. As such, Apple gets the credit for this by rolling out to market first and promoting this feature enough for it to be associated with the company. Brilliant marketing once again.

Samsung users fired back at this lock screen issue, however, by flaunting that a form of lock screen customization has been present on Samsung phones ever since One UI 1.0 launched five years ago.

Others have flipped the tables on this Samsung lock screen fiasco by mentioning that almost everything iOS 16 introduced was already present in the application. If you take a look at these screenshots and captures, then you’d be made to question who really copied who.

Either way, it seems that we’re moving into an era of further lock screen customization that we previously believed was only possible with custom launchers. Having a larger array of customization with the assured stability of a manufacturer UI is a breath of fresh air we’d all been waiting for, and we’re hoping other companies follow this trend as well.






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