Seagate Makes the FireCuda 530 SSD Available in the Philippines

Seagate Makes the FireCuda 530 SSD Available in the Philippines

Those looking for a serious SSD storage upgrade for their gaming rigs have a new option with the FireCuda 530 from Seagate, which is now available in the Philippines.

An upgrade from the FireCuda 510, Seagate’s new SSD drives support PCIe Gen 4 NVMe speeds, offering read speeds of as high as 7300MB/s. That is around twice as fast as current PCIe Gen 3 NVMe SSDs and up to 12 times faster than SATA SSDs. Making those fast speeds possible is the use of a Seagate-validated E18 controller and the latest 3D TLC NAND to ensure sustained performance.

Should you need better thermal management, Seagate partnered with EKWB for a custom heatsink designed specifically for the FireCuda 530. The custom heatsink is made from a high-grade aluminum block with a finely texturized anodized finish to maximize cooling efficiency. Aside from small PC builds, FireCuda 530 SSDs with a heatsink is compatible with PlayStation 5 consoles and they meet Sony’s strict SSD standards as well.

In terms of durability, the FireCuda 530 offers a long-lasting endurance of 1.8M MTBF and up to 5100 TBW— meaning gamers can write and delete 70% of the drive capacity every day for 5 years. 

Seagate FireCuda 530 SSD Price Philippines

The FireCuda 530 is priced at Php 7,281 for the 500GB version , Php 12,582 for the 1TB version, Php 24,717 for the 2TB version, and Php 56,172 for the 4TB version.

On the other hand, the FireCuda 530 with Heatsink retails for Php 9,637 for the 500GB version, Php 13,760 for the 1TB version, Php25,895 for the 2TB version, and Php 56,789 for the 4TB version.

Other FireCuda products include the External Gaming SSD, which is priced at Php 12,417 for the 1TB version and Php 20,602 for the 2TB version, the Gaming Hard Drive, which is priced at Php 3,356 for the 1TB model and Php 7,525 for the 2TB model, and the Gaming Hubwhich is priced at Php 12,933 for the 8TB model and Php 21,193 for the 16TB model.

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