The Cherry Home Smart Baby Camera Is A Perfect Tech Baby Shower Gift

The Cherry Home Smart Baby Camera Is A Perfect Tech Baby Shower Gift

If you’re confused on what to give a friend who is expecting a baby or has a toddler in the family, then the Cherry Home Smart Baby Camera is a perfect option for a gift. It’s built so the user can keep track of their loved ones, especially little babies who demand the most attention in their formative years.

The Cherry Home Smart Baby Camera can shoot up to a stunning resolution of 1080p Full HD. Due to this crispness, you can keep monitoring your baby from the convenience of your mobile display without worrying that the object could be something else. Smaller and more minute movements also become very noticeable even from far away with its 100-degree wide-angle lens, so you can immediately tend to your little one’s discomforts. This system will even alert you should your toddler’s movements increase or fluctuate in any unnatural manner. It has 3 Motion Detection Modes: Smart Human Motion Detection, Auto Motion Tracking, and Motion Zone Setting.

Sometimes, a parent’s voice is enough to soothe a lonely child back to sleep. Two-way audio allows parents to hear their baby’s cries, while they can even talk over the speaker to reduce a little bit of that separation anxiety. All this can be toggled through the free Cherry Home application which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

It also supports 128GB memory cards for future playback of older clips.

Costing only PHP 1405, this handy Cherry Home Smart Baby Camera provides the priceless peace of mind that modern parents need to balance their daily lives and their most precious little one. The design is understandably on the cutesy side which perfectly suits any toddler’s bedroom.

Get it now at the online Cherry Shop or on popular e-commerce sites like Shopee.


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