The NVIDIA RTX 4090 Is On The Way: DOUBLES The 3090’s Power

The NVIDIA RTX 4090 Is On The Way: DOUBLES The 3090’s Power

It seems like only yesterday when the NVIDIA 30 series of graphics processors took the scene by storm. Promising exponentially better performance for a similar retail price, the value proposition these cards presented was incredible. Sadly though, the global chip shortage and rise of cryptocurrency mining quickly jacked up the prices for these, skyrocketing them to amounts not many people could afford. As such, it became much more difficult for the average gamer to grab a hold of these without exerting an incredulous amount of effort. As the dust now clears, it appears that the RTX 4090 has risen out of the ashes to lead the all-new lineup of GPUs, dubbed Ada, for 2022.

A recent report by VideoCardz leaks that the RTX 4090 GPU, as well as the rest of the lineup (4080, 4070) are set to be announced by mid-July. The 4090 in particular will allegedly carry 126 streaming multiprocessors for a grand total of 16128 CUDA cores.

Twitter user kopite7kimi had a lot to say on the topic. As seen above, those are his perspectives on the specifications of the upcoming RTX 4090. If these are true, then the bold statement that the 4090 doubles the 3090 in power is an impressive one. It will also have a TDP of 450W, with custom configurations possibly drawing more. Both the RTX 3090 and 3090 Ti are in the same ballpark, although we expect the 4090 to improve on its long-term performance under thermal load.

The RTX 4090 card, according to the rumors, will also carry 24GB of GDDR6X memory clocked in at 21Gbps. Those numbers are nothing to scoff at in 2022.

We’re excited by this development as the RTX 3090 Ti was considered the world’s fastest consumer GPU only a few months ago. We’re constantly reminded of how quickly technology moves all the time.


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