The Simple Yet Addicting Wordle Word Game Has Been Sold

The Simple Yet Addicting Wordle Word Game Has Been Sold

A quick swipe on social media websites might have you running across your friends’ progress in this viral word game called Wordle. It’s also likely that you clicked on it as well, only to find yourself coming back every day to fulfill your daily brain stretch. This application started from humble beginnings but has now been purchased by the New York Times for a seven-digit sum.

The game mechanics are very simple. Each user is given a 5-letter word to guess for the day. Each letter typed in will glow a certain color: with green for correct letter and placement, yellow if the letter belongs in the word but is in the wrong place, and red if the letter isn’t supposed to be there at all. The user will have 6 attempts to guess the word, then can share their progress on social media.

Creator Josh Wardle posted on his Twitter account that the New York Times will be running the popular word game Wordle from here on out. His statement also sheds some light on the respect he has for the NYT Games team and how he believes that his creation is in good hands. He originally developed this for his partner as they both love to play crossword puzzles, but the game went on to take the world by storm.

Despite reassurance in the previous statement that the game will remain free-to-play, many have their doubts about it moving forward. The backlash revolves around the speculations of another great, fun game such as Wordle being blocked behind a paywall. These assumptions are fair, given that the company’s current lineup is locked behind a subscription-based Games application. To counter this, some in the tech-savvy community have devised a way to download the game as it is right now, before the implementation of the new systems.

We aren’t too sure if Wordle is just a fad or if it’s here to stay. Either way, play it now, just in case something happens to it soon!




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