Top 7 True Wireless Earphones Under P5,000 (Mid-2020)

Top 7 True Wireless Earphones Under P5,000 (Mid-2020)

True Wireless Earphones are amazing gadgets. They sound awesome, they’re compact, and they’re hassle free! The fact that a lot of them have great built-in mics also makes them great for video calls which is the rage now with the current Work from Home ‘New Normal’ that a lot of us are living through these days. To help you guys pick the right true wireless earphones, we’ve rounded up this list that you might find useful.

Take note that we were only able to consider earphones that we were able to test or review ourselves so there are probably several great ones that we will miss in this list. If you know of any that’s deserving to be here, just hit the comments so people can see as well.


Now P4,399 from P5,999 (27% Off)

The JBL Tune 120TWS is easily one of the best obvious picks for true wireless earbuds in this price range. It delivers exceptional sound quality for the price and it’s also designed well. You also have a wide selection of colors to pick from. Click here to buy one.

Sabbat X12 Ultra Qualcomm True Wireless Headphone


Sabbat is not a well-known brand in the Philippines and that’s why we were surprised with the quality and value of their products once we got to test them out. Not only do they look amazing (especially their marble series), but they also delivered sound quality. Very balanced and the bass wasn’t overwhelming at all. They also have a wide selection of colors and designs that you can pick from. Click here to check it out on Lazada. The black color is out of stock but you can click on the other color options to see which ones are still available.

Sabbat E12 Ultra Cosmos Series (Water Resistant)


If you can afford to spend P1,000 more, we strongly suggest you upgrade from the Sabbat X12 to the Sabbat E12 Ultra Cosmos Series. The sound output is “bassier” AND it now has water resistance (great for workouts and running outdoors). These two upgrades, in our opinion, makes the extra P1,000 worth it. Click here to check it out.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Now P5,990 from P6,990

The Samsung Galaxy Buds, in our opinion, was overpriced at the original price point of P6,990. There were just a lot of better alternatives. However Samsung has been doing random sales every now and then making it worth considering, especially if you already rock a Samsung smartphone. As of this writing it’s on sale from P6,990 to P5,990. It’s P1,000 above the P5,000 price point but we decided to include it anyway since some of you might want earbuds that have the same brand as your phone. Click here to see it on the official Samsung shop on Lazada.

Momax Pills Lite


If you’re doing a ton of video and audio calls, the Momax Pills Lite is one of your best bang-for-your-buck options. The sound quality is good (not mind-blowing awesome) but the microphone on this bad boy is easily best-in-class. You also have a great range of colors to pick from to suit your personality. Click here to see it.

Huawei Freebuds Lite


Without a doubt one of the most feature packed and great sounding earphones you can buy at this price range. It’s already water and sweat resistant, has titanium-plated dynamic drivers for great stereo sound, clear microphone for calls, has outstanding battery life (12 hour playtime), and it has good natural sound isolation. Easily one of my favorites in this category. My only complaint is the lack of color options. But hey if you like white, it’s on stock right now. Click here to check it out on Lazada.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots


Well you can’t have a list of budget-friendly earphones without including the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots! Sound quality is probably one of the best you’ll ever get for a sub-P1,000 earphones. The build quality isn’t too good though but hey you can ask too much given the price point. Click here to see it on Lazada.

If you prefer the traditional earphones build and not the earbuds (where they go deep inside your ears), you might want to check out the Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2. They’re pricer at P3,542 but they have better sound quality (IMO), superior build quality, and they have a much better microphone.

SoundPEATS TruePods

Now P1,891 from P2,888 (35% Off)

We’re currently reviewing this one and it’s very promising. So far the standout quality is the mic capabilities and the sound signature leans towards the mids and highs. Bass is just okay, not too punchy. Click here to check it on Lazada.

Haylou GT1 Pro

P920 from P2,249

One of the other few brands that we recommend for the sub-P1,000 price point — Haylou. Click here to buy one.

And that’s our list! If you guys have recommendations, just hit the comments section down below. Happy sound tripping!



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