Valorant Debuts Filipino Agent Neon

Valorant Debuts Filipino Agent Neon

Valorant is one of the games that Filipinos love to play, and it was only a matter of time before the game has their own Filipino character. That has become a reality, as Valorant debuts Neon as the game’s Filipino agent. Check out her introductory trailer below:

To showcase Neon’s Filipino roots, the trailer has several Filipino references that include Ylona Garcia’s song playing in the background, familiar Filipino lines, and a framed jersey of Gilas Pilipinas bearing the number 5.

While Valorant has yet to confirm Neon’s skills, she appears to take on a duelist role. Based on the trailer Neon appears to have the ability to stow her weapons and move out quickly with her sprint, on top of being able to surprise enemies around the corners by sliding. By sliding, Neon can immediately draw her weapon and hunt down enemies swiftly.

Other abilities Valorant revealed in the trailer include Neon being able to fire a concussive charge that bounces off up to two walls, and being able to summon two Phoenix-like fire walls where she can easily sprint and slide through. As for her ultimate ability, Neon can hit enemies with electricity coming from her fingers.

The next Valorant update, which is Episode 4: Disruption, will go live next week.

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