WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Can Now Be Saved

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Can Now Be Saved

WhatsApp is always releasing new features to keep users coming back to a fresh application. For better or for worse, WhatsApp Disappearing Messages can now be saved if you need to keep those for the long term. But of course, there’s a catch since people use that feature for the specific reason of removing all traces.

So let’s start off by explaining WhatsApp disappearing messages. For increased privacy, users can set specific chats to disappear after a certain timeframe. The site lists 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days after they’re sent as the default options. It can be used for group chats as well.

There are a few things to note though: these messages will not disappear if they’re forwarded to normal chats, if they’re replied to with a non-disappearing reply, or if they’re out there in your notifications. Regardless of whether or not a user logs into the timeframe, the countdown begins when the message is sent.

An all-new “Keep in Chat” feature for WhatsApp disappearing messages will allow users to save these types of chats for the long run. It’s basically for users that either forget to turn the feature off, or want to be reminded and keep the message. The catch here is that saving a Whatsapp Disappearing Message requires the consent of all parties involved. A pop-up toggle will appear, and the sender can revoke or “unkeep” the message at any time should the need arise. If they do, then the message vanishes into the digital void.

What do you think of this new WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature? Let us know!


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