Wonder Woman: 1984 Will Be Debuting In Cinemas And HBO Max On Christmas

Wonder Woman: 1984 Will Be Debuting In Cinemas And HBO Max On Christmas

The pandemic has forced many industries to adapt or die, and movie studios are finally getting with the program. While titles like Trolls: World Tour and live-action movie Mulan have already been released via streaming services earlier this year because of the pandemic, Warner Bros. superhero sequel Wonder Woman: 1984 will be the first blockbuster film to be released on streaming platforms as well as theaters when it lands on Christmas day.

The movie, originally set for release earlier this June has had its release postponed, what with the modern plague and all. It was rumored to be scheduled for a 2021 release instead, but it seems that Warner Bros. didn’t want to sit on the lavish $200 million film until next year.

The movie will be available to watch in theaters in the US (not sure about local release though) and will be available to subscribers of HBO Max at no extra cost, and will be on the streaming platform on Christmas day. It will be the first time for the studio to do a simultaneous release on both theaters and on their streaming platform, so it’ll be interesting to see how many additional subscribers hop on just to see Gal Gadot punching guys in the face, repeatedly, while swooning over the superior Hollywood Chris, Chris Pine.



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