Adobe Announces Premiere Rush CC, Photoshop CC for iPad

by Duey Guison  October 16, 2018

Important content creation apps catering to mobile devices

As they acknowledge the increasing number of users editing with their mobile devices, Adobe announced two new apps catering to them. First off is Premiere Rush CC, which is best described as a mobile-friendly video editing software for content creators.

Premiere Rush CC combines the features of Premiere Pro and After Effects, which means you get features such as clip, color, and audio editing, and motion graphics creation. Being a mobile app, it comes with publishing tools so that you can share your work via YouTube or Instagram.

Being part of the Creative Cloud, Premiere Rush CC lets you work on your project on an iOS device and continue on a Mac later on. Support for Android is in the works as well.

Next off is Adobe presenting a working version of Photoshop for iPad. It has all the features of its desktop counterpart like Brushes, Gradient, Marquee, Lasso, Content-aware and cloud sync. In addition, Photoshop for iPad lets you edit PSD files on the tablet.

Photoshop for iPad will be available in 2019. Premiere Rush CC, on the other hand, is available on iOS with the following Creative Cloud plans: $9.99/month(~Php 550) for individuals, $19.99/month(~Php 1.1k) for teams and $29.99/month(~Php 1.7k) for enterprise customers.


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