Amazon No Longer Collects Import Fees For Items Under 200$

by John Nieves  December 4, 2017

You’ll only have to pay for shipping

While it’s a shopping juggernaut in the US, we rarely use Amazon to buy stuff online. One of the reasons for that is the sometimes insane costs that’s required to buy stuff from the site. Aside from regular shipping, you’re also going to have to pay import fees upfront.

But apparently Amazon has gotten the memo about the increased de minimis amount for items for taxes and duties in the Philippines, and no longer collects import fees upon checkout for items under 200$.

That’s great news for shoppers, since there’s a lot of cool and unique brands that’s only available in Amazon that’s not available in the Philippines. And while we absolutely love eBay and Aliexpress, shipping times for Amazon are decidedly faster, with better shipping rates compared to eBay, for example.

And according to RJ David, packages from Amazon also do not go through the local post (which is usually the case for Aliexpress and eBay) and instead arrives straight at your door via DHL. This applies for regular shipping.

Take note that the no import fee rule only applies to items that have regular SRPs under $200. Any item that’s priced over $200 will still have fee attached even if it’s on sale and puts its value under $200.

Hat tip to RJ David!

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    I tried this one by ordering a $21.99, so this should be applicable. But during the checkout process, the shipping fee costs 2k. It is just a small item though..

    I think it depends on the item and if it’s fulfilled via Amazon. If it’s being served by an independent store, shipping will be higher.

    we have a policy since duterte admin starts saying there will be no custom tax for any item which price is lower that 10k. I believe $200 is equivalent to 10k php.

    It makes sense given that their guarantee is that the import fee is to cover import duties n shipping charges, the import duties for 10k pesos or less is zero, so buyers often get rebates which can be in thousands of pesos..

    And rebates cost Amazon money since card issuers charge a percentage for each transactions regardless of whether it is a sale or rebate.