Android 5.1 Has Bug Fixes, No New Features

Android 5.1 Has Bug Fixes, No New Features

Android 5.1

Wondering what Google has in store for Android 5.1?

One of the most surprising things about the local Android One launch earlier today wasn’t the phones, but the OS powering it – both the Cherry Mobile One and MyPhone Uno ran Android Lollipop 5.1 on them, which has had Android enthusiasts scratching their heads for a very good reason – Google has not officially announced a new Android version, and has not published a changelog for the said version.

We got to talk with one of the executives of the local brands that teamed up with Google for Android One, and he said that there is no new features with Android 5.1. The new version basically corrects some of the bugs in Android 5.0 – annoying things like the lack of a mute feature, unstable WiFi and so on, which is probably the reason why the company hasn’t announced the changelog for it as of yet.

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