Angkas, Other Motorcycle Taxis Suspend For Metro Lockdown

Angkas, Other Motorcycle Taxis Suspend For Metro Lockdown

Photo from Inquirer.

Other motorcycle taxis are also suspended

More ride-hailing apps are getting affected by the “community quarantine” being enacted for Metro Manila, as the Department of Transportation has announced that they are suspending the operations of Angkas, Joyride, and MoveIt for the duration of the quarantine.

The three motorcycle taxi services will be suspending operations starting tomorrow, March 15, until the 14th or the end of the community quarantine in Manila.

Aside from that, the DOTr has also set numerous guidelines in the operation of public utility vehicles, including reducing overall capacity to observe social distancing requirements set by the government, as well as terminating services in areas that serve as borders for the entry into Metro Manila.

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