Facebook to Integrate Messenger with Instagram Direct

It is part of Facebook's Integration plans

With Facebook working on seamlessly integrating apps like Instagram into its ecosystem, the social media giant is updating Instagram to integrate Instagram Direct with Messenger. The said update transforms Instagram Direct to have a similar UI with Messenger: colored chat bubbles, swipe to reply, emoji reactions, and more. The big update here is that it will allow Instagram users to message people on Facebook, provided that their Instagram account is linked to Facebook.

Once you update your Instagram, you will know that you have received it when Instagram’s DM icon on the top right side is replaced by Facebook’s Messenger logo.

Aside from this, Facebook plans to allow cross-messaging not just to Instagram, but also to WhatsApp as well. Aside from the convenience of sharing the same infrastructure, the integration also aims to strengthen end-to-end encryption between Facebook-owned apps.




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