Lalamove Adds Sedan Purchase Service Option

by Marz Aglipay  May 10, 2021

Lalamove Adds Sedan Purchase

You can now have Lalamove riders buy bigger and more expensive items on your behalf thanks to their new Sedan Purchase Service.  According to Lalamove’s Facebook post, for an additional Php 100, their Sedan Partner Drivers may now buy items worth up to Php 5,000 for you. This service is perfect if you need to buy something that’s too big to fit and be transported by regular motorcycle riders.

The purchase service option on the app was previously exclusive to motorcycles with a maximum purchase allowance of Php 2,000. You now have a bigger purchase limit and the ability to purchase things like delicate cakes, bulky items like groceries, and even plants with ease with the addition of the sedan.

Lalamove Adds Sedan Purchase
Here’s how to book a Lalamove Sedan Purchase Option

  • On the Lalamove App, set your pick-up and drop off location
  • Choose Sedan for your vehicle select Purchase Service as an Additional Service
  • Choose the price tier that the item coincides with. The item should not exceed Php 5,000
  • Input your additional instructions via Driver Notes
  • Place your order and wait to be matched
  • Contact the Partner Driver and confirm your order
  • Wait for the Partner Driver to arrive and pay for the item in cash or through Gcash.

The Purchase Service cannot be used with Lalamove wallet credits. Only cash and Gcash modes of payment are accepted.

Lalamove Adds Sedan Purchase

Lalamove Sedan Purchase Service Price

The purchase service costs an additional Php 100, on top of the Delivery Base Fare of Php 120 and Distance Fee of Php 18/km. Another thing to take note of is that if the driver waits in the store for more than 30 minutes, an additional Waiting Time Charge of Php 100 for every fraction of an hour shall be charged. Additional Parking Fees shall also be paid for by the customer.

Ready to book a Lalamove Sedan with purchase service? Download Lalamove via Android and iOS.

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