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Twitter’s Helping Creators Engage With These New Features

There are new Twitter features coming soon to the micro-blogging platform that can refresh how users engage on the platform. At Twitter’s Virtual Analyst Day event on Thursday, several new features were teased such as ways for its users to monetize their content through subscription or tipping among others. Here are the new features to expect on Twitter:

Twitter Communities

Instead of simply following tags, Twitter Communities invites its users to connect with others who share their interests. The “Communities” feature will also have its own moderation rules.

Super Follows

“Super Follows” would allow users to subscribe to exclusive content from Twitter accounts. This subscription feature could attract more influencers, who have become accustomed to earning revenue from their content on other platforms. On the flip side, a “Super Follower” could get a badge on their profile indicating their support as well as access to other content behind a paywall similar to services you can on platforms like Patreon.

Safety Mode

This is an auto-moderation feature that compliments the “Communities” and “Super Follows” features. Twitter had the foresight to include this auto-moderation feature to help community leaders and influencers fight off trolls on the platform. The feature allows users to “automatically block accounts that appear to break the Twitter Rules, and mute accounts that might be using insults, name-calling, strong language, or hateful remarks.” the company said.

Twitter Spaces

This feature which was launched in December is a feature we’ve only seen in action at Twitter’s Virtual Analyst Day. Here we saw how audio conversations can take place on Twitter. Twitter Spaces is live for users to engage with for as long as they’re open; Once ended, they will no longer be available publicly on Twitter. Think of it as an audio-only bulletin board that anyone can chime into for as long as it’s available. This feature is currently being tested on limited accounts running the latest version of Twitter on iOS.

In November of last year, Twitter launched “Fleets” which lets you tweets media that will only last 24-hours. With all these new features coming soon, Twitter is showing that it’s making concrete plans to keep its growing audiences engaged on the platform.

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