Trump Signs Executive Order to Ban TikTok and WeChat

The Executive Order will take effect in 45 days

Following speculations about the status of TikTok in the United States, President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning TikTok and WeChat, citing national security concerns. This means that both apps cannot do business in the US.

While the executive order will take effect 45 days after Trump signed it, the nature of the banned transactions remain to be unclear for now. However, the Washington Post reports that this may mean that both apps and their companies cannot list apps in Apple App Store or Google Play Store, along with prohibiting US companies to advertise on TikTok.

All is not yet lost: Microsoft is working on acquiring TikTok, and if talks are completed before September 15, TikTok might be able to continue operating in the US. There’s no word yet on a possible sale of WeChat by parent company Tencent Holdings as of this writing.


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