Atari Gives Us a Look at Their Console: The Ataribox

Atari Gives Us a Look at Their Console: The Ataribox

It Doesn’t Just Pull the Nostalgia Card

At E3, Atari revealed that they would be releasing a new console into the market. The teaser showed us glimpses of what was to come, but they’re finally giving us a better look at what they’ve got cooking.

This is the Ataribox; the company’s first console release after a 24 year hiatus.

It sports the classic look of the Atari console of yore, with an option for a wood finish or a more current red and black theme, but it has been brought to this century in terms of internals; though it seems they’re playing a little coy with the details at this point. Like the Nintendo Classic, you will be able to play retro titles with the Ataribox. The company is not just pulling on the heart strings of the Titos and Titas of Manila, because they’ve said that the soon-to-be released console will be able to handle “current gaming content”; as to what that quote means exactly, we’re not entirely sure. What one of our sources speculates, however, is that it may run Android based games. Unfortunately, there is no word regarding its price and launch date just yet.

The company will be sharing more and more about the Ataribox when they feel the time is right, so we just have to wait and see what the OG console maker has in store for us in the near future.


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