Aussie Police Issues Statement to Budding Pokémon Trainers

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While our time with Pokémon Go has been cut short until its official release here in the Philippines, Aussie Trainers have been happily walking about their cities in the attempts to be the very best by catching all the Pokemon they can. It was only a matter of time before Police would urge trainers to exercise caution while they roam around looking down at their devices.

One police station in Northern Australia has a specific concern about the new mobile phone craze, as the Darwin Police Station has been marked as a Poké Stop and they’ve had a few trainers pop by to grab precious items for their cause. They have released this statement on Facebook:


For those who aren’t in the know, Pokemon Go tends to use major landmarks as Poké Stops where players can buy Poké Balls and other items. As we patiently wait for Niantic Labs to open up the app to the rest of the world on iOS and Android, we would like to remind everyone to be mindful as they walk around the Metro with your devices out as a consideration to other pedestrians on the street and for your safety as well — Wild Snatchers may appear.

Source: Engadget

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  1. This will definitely increase problems in traffic.

    Imagine that you suddenly stop in highway and got a traffic collision accident.

    Police: So, what’s your story?
    You: I saw a wild Abra officer, I have to stop!
    Police: *facepalm*

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