Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2

With only one day before Dragon Age 2, I was fortunate enough to be able to download the Demo version early last week. Due to work schedules and whatnots I was only able to fidget with it this week. And yes the wait till the epic Dragon Age 2 could not come any faster. So how did the demo fare?


The demo is a very abridged version of what the game maybe. They give you a glimpse of story which follows the rise of power of “the Champion” in your case, it’s Hawke. What the demo gives you really is a feel of the enhanced battle system. You start off with choosing your class and gender for Hawke (Rogue, Knight or Mage). Being the long-distance player that I am I happily chose Mage on my first playthrough.

What excited me with this installment is that the combat is a bit more fluid. Mages do weird staff twirling kung-fu combos! What the—is this Dragon Age or Double Dragon? :p Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an RPG but, should you choose it, the gameplay can feel like an action-adventure game. It’s fun to cast spells and then chain it to your normal combo attacks.

I tried the Rogue Class on a second playthrough and that’s even more fun! If you think Dragon Age Origins was action-packed enough, wait till you sink your teeth into this. Oh and if you’re a Playstation 3 user, good news, they fixed the camera angle so you can have a solid birds-eye-view of the map making it easier for you to assign actions and strategize.

Check the video from IGN for more in-depth detail:

I’m lining up tomorrow at Datablitz for this!

(Dragon Age 2 will be available for XBOX, PS3, PC, and Mac OS)

Article contributed by Colin Chan

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