Dragon Age II Staffsword Razer Giveaway

Dragon Age II Staffsword Razer Giveaway

Calling out all players of Dragon Age II! Razer recently launched a contest for the most epic pose, similar to Hawke’s pose in the trailer.

Copy this pose the best way you can!

What do you get when you join their contest?

Well, the winner (maybe YOU) get Hawke’s Staffsword. Yes, a live replica of Hawke’s Staffsword, given by Epicweapons (http://www.epicweapons.com/da-products.php/) to Razer. And a Dragon Age II Messenger Bag, Dragon Age II Coaster, Dragon Age II Pendant and a Razer Mug.

Hawke's Staffsword
Gorgeous Dragon Age II Messenger Bag (we want one too)
Dragon Age II Coaster
Awesome Razer Mug

Three (3) runners up get the Dragon Age II Coaster, Dragon Age II Pendant and the Razer Mug.

Take it from us–this is one contest you wouldn’t want to pass up.

Check out the contest mechanics on their Facebook page (you may have to Like the page before you can see the mechanics, if you haven’t Liked it yet).

We’re not connected with Razer or Epicweapons or this contest, we just thought this was too awesome not to post on Unbox. Oh all right, you caught us, we’re Dragon Age fans over here. We might even join the contest too if we have enough time to submit an entry!

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