Facebook Introduces New Monetization Features for Content Creators

Creators now have more opportunities to earn money via Facebook

In order to accommodate content creators and to help them earn money, Facebook announced prior to VidCon 2019 that it is going to let creators have better ways of placing their ads in videos. This is part of Facebook’s efforts to go beyond the usual ads format, enabling creators to do other advertising formats such as pre-roll or image-based ads.

Beyond ads, Facebook will be introducing supporter-only Groups, where fans can interact with creators in a more private space for a fee. In return, the feature gives creators an option to reward their supporters with exclusive content and merchandise.

For hardcore supporters, Facebook is letting select video creators make use of their Facebook Stars feature—a feature originally intended for Facebook’s gaming community.

To help creators with all these monetization features, Facebook will be providing them with new tools to manage and track their audience engagement.

These new features are part of Facebook’s efforts to rival YouTube and Patreon’s monetization features, as the social media giant wants to lure creators to use Facebook for their content.


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