Facebook Sheds Light on September 28 Security Breach

The number of compromised accounts is lower than what was initially speculated

Anything on the internet is vulnerable to attacks and security compromises, and Facebook shed light the September 28 incident that reportedly compromised 50 million users.

Going into detail with their latest findings, the email addresses and telephone numbers of around 30 million Facebook users were accessed by hackers during the September 28 security breach. Of the 30 million affected users, 14 million of them were heavily compromised, as hackers were able to access more information such as location, relationships, search history, and religion.

Other Facebook platforms such as Messenger, Messenger Kids, Instagram, WhatsApp, Workplace, and Pages were not affected by the security breach.

The FBI is actively investigating the incident, though Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen said in a CNN report that FBI has asked them to not discuss on who is behind the attacks.

Since the September 28 incident, Facebook has set up an information center giving updates on the investigations and on whether your Facebook account is among the millions that have been compromised. In addition, Facebook has disabled the “view as” feature for the meantime, as hackers exploited it in order to gain access to user accounts.

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